Friday, September 11, 2009

9/11 Dogs-Remember

September 11th, 2001, this country that I live in suffered an attack on our soil that took many lives. I was a young pup then but I remember the tragedy. All the humans were silent and watching the TV with sadness and disbelief.

I know now, that a lot of human lives were lost that day, and many more were heroic in their struggles to save others. The best and worst of humanity came out that day, but we should not forget the best of the canines that were willing to give their lives as well in their duty. Not only those search and rescue dogs that worked side by side with the fireman and other humans, but the ones who simply came to the scene as strays to offer comfort and support.

The dogs at home that layed in their parents laps and licked their tears from their faces. Many families lost loved ones that day. Many dogs lost their owners. They don't always understand why their favorite human no longer comes home to feed them or pet them. This day will never be encompassed by any single mind, human, canine, feline, etc. There are too many facets and the tragedy is too great.

Where ever there is human tragedy, there is always a dog offering kindness in the background.

RIP those who died on this day and a Salute to those Dogs of 9/11.

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