Monday, September 14, 2009

Remembering Molly

~~ Molly 1998-2008 ~~
I want to take a minute and reflect back on my birth mommy, Molly. She died last year on September 9th. She died of a heart attack suddenly so her death was a big surprise to all of us. She was 11 years old. Dad picked Molly out of a litter of puppies from Wisconsin so technically she was a Yankee but she had the heart of a Southern Belle. They had a connection like no other. Dad didn't go anywhere without her and boy did she love him! She was very protective of him.
I was born on February 15, 2001 along with my two brothers (Dexter and Bandit). From the very beginning mom and I were the closest. Dexter went to live with my Uncle Josh and Aunt Nicole next door and Bandit went to live with some friends of the family. Which left me and mom against the world. There was nothing we didn't do together! Not only was she my four legged mommy, she was my best friend.

~~I loved resting my head on Molly~~

My human parents got married on May 15, 2004 and we moved into a new house. It took some time for Molly to accept our new mom because she was so over protective of our dad. It wasn't that she didn't like her, she just didn't like that mom got dad's attention. Molly realized that our new mom was actually a "softy" for us and would let us get away with just about anything, and they became very close. Me, I totally warmed up to our new mom from the very beginning ....but that's a different blog! We all became one big happy family.

Our house hasn't quite been the same since September 9, 2008. We miss Molly very much, but we know she looks over us and we are thankful for all the precious priceless memories we have of her and the wonderful time we got to spend with her. She was definately one of a kind. Her memory will always live in our hearts!

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